One of my favorite things to draw are mash-ups of two different people or characters in pop culture. For this project, I chose to draw the starting five of the Philadelphia 76ers as the characters of the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things. 
I began the project by sketching each player individually in adobe draw with an Apple Pencil.

     Joel Embiid as Lucas                                                                      J.J. Redick as Mike
Ben Simmons as Eleven
    Robert Covington as Will                                                                 Dario Saric as Dustin
Once I finished my sketches, I laid down the permanent lines, and then added different layers of shading to give each player depth.
Next, I add color to each player.
Time to put them all together. Here is the process that I went through to make their Stranger Things style team photo.
At this point, I moved over to Adobe Illustrator to finish this project.
Next, I worked on the Stranger Thing style title in Adobe Illustrator.
Here are several versions of the finished project. Enjoy.
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